Improving Speech→ Communication & Personality Development through Role Plays.
"Speech is Power, Speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel” -

The origins of communication started with a gesture, Imagining and showing thoughts through actions, we believe this traditional method is a solution to up-skill the students  between the age group of 5 to 17 years, the most crucial stage of development in their lives.

We have designed a methodology considering students from different ethnic backgrounds and their acceptance for learning. We intend to hone their skills, through activities like – drama, skit, role-play, free speech, debate, group discussion, fun filled activities, ice breakers, story building competitions & activities to improve memory and imagination.


  • Step1:- Gain the trust through ice –breakers, being approachable & friendly.
  • Step 2: Showing the difference between doing it the right way or wrong way, i.e. it’s differences & easy steps for corrections – all played out through activities, to increase the interest, in the kid (Fun filled & energetic sessions)
  • Step 3: Conduct activities to improve memory and imagination
  • Final Step:  Achieve desired improvements in the kids
  • Assessments  will be on Quarterly basis & the reports, will be communicated to the school authority at regular intervals


  • The drama & skit will be a very interesting way of learning. It will increase the curiosity of every participant to learn through dance, acting and performing to the audience. Fun filled and energetic activities will keep the kids on their toes, high on energy, at all times. The kids will love our sessions.
  • The dialogues they are taught in the activities will help them improve their diction and intonation to be used during conversations. They will be able to form sentences with ease, as they will want to express themselves clearly.

Traits which can be evident in the kids through this training :

  1. Self – confidence
  2. Accepting defeat
  3. To overcome stage fear
  4. Expressing thoughts and ideas through communication 



  1. Address a group without being apprehensive about being judged by anybody
  2. Use the art of using hand & body correlation to express thoughts and ideas   
  3. Improve imagination to understand fiction and science better
  4. To express feelings through communication